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Mudasser Hussain

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About the Podcast

Mudasser Hussain qualified from University of Manchester in 2011 and till 2019 worked mostly as a NHS dentist. 


Clarity Coaching International helps people achieve their goals and improve their lives. Mudasser is on a mission to improve the lives of NHS associate dentists and principals to improve working relationships and ultimately achieve job satisfaction.


He is also the host of his own podcast, Diary of a Dental Coach.

Latest Episode

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Dr. Mudasser Hussain on Dentistry Unmasked

Diary of a Dental Coach Podcasts

Dr Mudasser Hussain, Dentist and Executive Coach at Clarity Coaching International brings inspirational individuals to share their story of how they became successful entrepreneurs. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire, motivate, uplift and increase awareness of the philosophy of Performance Coaching.

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