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Our Story...

Hi 😊 Its Mudasser.  Do you want to live life on your terms? Are you struggling to reach your goals?  Do you feel like you’re wasting your life away?  Do you want to live, create and fulfil your dreams and potential? Do you want to release the REAL YOU who is amazing, positive, confident and able to deal with any curveball life throws at you?

These are the questions I was asking myself for many years!! On my journey I struggled to find fulfilling solutions to these very important questions UNTIL I was introduced to Coaching. 

Throughout my life, I found myself in dark places and feeling low and lacking in confidence. I struggled to deal with the pressures of things happening around me and had little control of my emotions and thoughts. I NEVER found a long-term solution until….

Speaking to an extremely successful friend about my problems, he said to me “Do you want to know the secret to why I have achieved great things in my life?”. I was like “Yeh definitely”, in my head I was thinking maybe he won the lottery on the side or had a rich relative or he was just lucky. He had this presence and aura about him in a room, where everyone would hang of his every word. He had this infectious laugh and wicked sense of humour. He replied “My Coach” and I was like is he talking about football Now? 

He explained to me the decisions he makes for his multiple businesses and personal life he uses his coach as a sounding board. I was astounded because I had never heard of this concept before. He then continued to explain that,


“it’s simple, the quality of your decisions will achieve the best outcomes.”

Those words are so powerful I still remember them to this day and apply them in my life today. 

The journey of Coaching explored my whole life and helped me to understand who I am. It increased my self- awareness, provided me with insight into myself and identified areas of development and it transformed me as a person physically, mentally, spiritually and practice gratitude and learnt to Love Myself! As Brene Brown says, “You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” 

I think this quote is so impactful, the value you give yourself is the value others will give you.

About Me

I will soon complete the internationally recognised ILM-7 Diploma in Corporate Coaching International, Leadership and Senior Mentoring.  This is the highest level of coaching recognised by ICF (International Coaching Federation). Throughout the program I have developed my skills by coaching numerous executive-level individuals. We undergo Group Supervision, Mentoring and regularly update my knowledge with CPD. I have wrapped my self- esteem through being a learner and using this as foundation it has enable me to grow exponentially.

My passion lies in serving others.  I believe I have a gift and Coaching sessions with me are engaging, interactive, inspiring, fun and most of all about you!!  I want you to dream big so that you can actually live the dream that you have always wanted. If you want to change and be Awesome, Confident, Amazing and the best version of yourself then take Massive Action and book in for a free – no obligation 15-minute Consultation.


I am a Dental Surgeon and have been involved in this sector for over 15 years, working across NHS and Private settings for multiple organisations. I continue to do this on a part time basis. I am also studying a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics ( LLM).


I have wrapped my self-esteem around being a learner and using this as a foundation it has enabled me to grow exponentially.

Personal Life

I am married with two young children and am an avid Manchester United supporter. I enjoy spending time with the family and socialising with friends.  I regularly volunteer with various charity organisations and help serve the vulnerable in the community. I enjoy travelling, and have climbed Mount Snowdon for charity and like reading autobiographies of famous sporting personalities.

Picturesque Landscape

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

–  Brene Brown

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